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Tenby is undoubtedly one of the prettiest towns you will ever have the pleasure to experience. Nestled between the rolling Pembrokeshire hills and the placid waters of Carmarthan Bay, there has been a settlement here since the 9th century. Tenby has long been a holiday destination for both the Welsh and English and has devoted itself accordingly to the languorous accommodation of leisure.

Development of Tenby as a traditional seaside town


The walls that still guard Tenby’s old town were built by Norman lords, the hilltop town providing a rather picturesque security for the castle. Tenby developed into a mercantile centre, a secure trading place with a well-developed harbour that fostered trade with Ireland and the continent.

Unfortunately the civil war and the plague wreaked havoc with medieval Tenby, leaving it in the words of John Wesley, ‘a dismal spectacle’. Fortunately the early 19th century saw Tenby transform itself into a luxury holiday destination and it has followed this upward trajectory ever since.

The cobbled old streets, pastel coloured houses and a resurgent arts and crafts movement helped to define what we think of as the quintessential British seaside town.

Things to see and do during your visit to Tenby

Tenby has also benefitted from the three beautiful beaches that lie on its doorstep. All have now been awarded blue flag status and are very hard to beat even by the high standards of Pembrokeshire. The Victorian revival also led to the development of a number of walking paths that lead from the castle to the beaches, the harbour and the hills.

The Cistercian Abbey on Caldey Island has long been a popular boat trip destination, whilst back in Tenby the bustling cafes, restaurants and bars offer an almost Mediterranean street culture of earthly pleasures.

More modern attractions include Wales’ only theme park at Oakwood, the Heatherton World of Adventure, the Dinosaur Park and Ocean Commotion, ensuring there is plenty to enjoy for all ages.