The lighter side of Wales...

Wales is a beautiful and diverse country steeped in culture and tradition but also one which prides itself on its sense of humour and family values.

When you visit Wales you will notice that we're still very proud to have our own language and that we try to use it bilingually (Welsh - English) wherever possible - but don't worry we all speak English too!

Welsh families are traditionally quite large and very close. We don't all sing (unfortunately) but the ones that do are in a different league. Forget the X Factor when it comes to The Welsh male Voice Choirs!

We look forward to making you feel like part of the family!

Welsh Flag Welsh Flag

Welsh Valley Humour Book

Welsey Valley Humour BookThis book is filled with tongue-in-cheek humour to guide you to the Welsh language through jokes, stories and real life situations.

Male Voice Choir Now

Male Voice ChoirListen to the sounds of "The Best of Welsh Male Voice Choirs" singing hymns and arias.

Lonely Planet Guide

Lonely Planet GuideThis travel guide will provide you with up to date advice on what to see in Wales and what awaits you on your arrival.

10 Things you should know before visiting Wales

1) South Wales bus drivers are called 'drive'

2) 'Yur' can mean: ear, year or here

3) 'Tidy' means good

4) 'Buzzing' means nasty!

5) Everyone arrives "now in a minute"

6) Ridiculous has 3 syllables 'Ree-di-culus'

7) Fabulous has 2! 'Fab-lus'

8) "Ychafi" means: Yuk, nasty

9) You get "cwitches" not cuddles in Wales

10) "Tidy Butt" is a greeting not an observation!

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